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Qualifications for Membership

The qualifications for membership in HRAGC shall be as stated below. There shall be no discrimination in individual memberships because of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status. Memberships are individual and are not transferable to other individuals.

Professional Members

Professional Membership includes (a) individuals actively engaged in bona fide human resources administration who devote more than 50 % of their time to personnel or human resources management; and (b) faculty members holding an assistant, associate or full professor rank in personnel or human resources at an accredited college or university for at least 3 years.

Affiliate Members

Individuals who are Consultants, Vendors or Attorneys in the fields of personnel and human resources, and who provide proof of SHRM membership. Affiliate Members have all the same rights and privileges as Professional Members. Consultants, Vendors and Attorneys are not eligible for membership under any other membership category.

Associate Members

Individuals who are actively engaged in human resource administration or management less than 50% of the time. Associate members shall have the same rights and privileges as Professional members.

Student Members

Individuals who are actively enrolled in a human resources degree, concentration or certificate program at the college or university level and not currently an HR practitioner. Student members may not vote or hold an officer position in HRAGC.

Members in Transition

Members who no longer qualify for membership due to unemployment [or graduation from an HR degree program] may continue as members through the current year plus one additional year. Members in transition may vote and hold office.

Application for Membership

Application for membership shall be on the HRAGC application form. All applications must be accompanied by full payment of dues, and will be reviewed by the Membership Committee, before the application is presented to the Board of Directors for a vote. New members will be granted full membership rights from the date of approval by the HRAGC Board of Directors. Please use the "Become a Member Today" or "Renew a Membership" links in the footer of the website.

The following link can also be used for manual form submittal:
Member Application