Greater Concord, NH Chapter

Non-Solicitation Policy

Generally, HRAGC members are strong supporters of our mission and very considerate of others. However, some members of this group have been solicited by other members in the past and have felt uncomfortable. Therefore, we have found it necessary to establish some guidelines for this type of activity.

Members are not to be openly solicited for business during meetings.

This means that:

  • Members are not to introduce themselves for the purpose of selling their products or services during HRAGC meetings.

  • Members are not to leave promotional materials on meeting tables or openly distribute such during HRAGC meetings.

  • It is permissible for a member to discuss their services or provide additional information to a prospective client member upon specific invitation/inquiry during HRAGC meetings. Without express inquiry initiated by a member, solicitation is strictly prohibited during meetings.

  • It is understandable that members may selectively contact other members at their businesses during which time they may discuss their products or services. However, even on these occasions, they are to exercise good business judgment and avoid harassment.

  • The Membership Directory is not to be used as a solicitation tool. This means no member shall undertake a mass mailing, phone, or electronic mail campaign using the directory to sell his/her products or services.

This policy applies to visitors and guests of the HRAGC, as well as to members. Members are requested to advise their guests of this policy prior to attending a meeting.

Strict adherence to these guidelines will provide a comfortable, professional, pleasant and intimidation-free environment for our members.